I have samples I have inventory I have recipes to refine I have exactly one million ideas I have reiki things to do I have logo, identity and web stuff to do I have a LLC and a frickin’ bank account I have customers, yes, customers I have amazing things that have happened I have […]


I’m thinking I may whip up some samples to take to FaerieCon.  Samples of MagiCalm and maybe some incense. I’ll even probably have time.  I’m almost done with my costumes.  The earliest I’ve ever been done. Wheeeeee!


I’m launching this thing, “Truly McKee’s Stellar Apothecary”  and I’m excited. It’s what I actually want to do.  Oh hell, it’s what I’m actually doing.  Right now.  I’m doing it.  Branding.  Social Media.  Then the making.  And possibly selling. You heard it here first.