Dirty: Bordello d’Bard

Photo Oct 13, 7 41 23 PM


Truly Mckee was a vendor at a unique and exciting new event in Toledo this weekend.  It was a combination art show, poetry reading, burlesque and erotic dance show.  What a fantastic combo.  You could also have a private poetry reading from one of the poets.  How awesome is that?  The idea was for people to explore and celebrate the erotic through the arts, and experience new and exciting things in a safe and respectful environment.

And that is exactly what it was.  A new experience. Everything was respectful & above board…yet very titillating and exciting.  Someone reading their erotic poetry in front of an audience?  Yep, that worked for me.  Who knew?

You know what else?  The crowd was amazing.  Everyone was nice and very welcoming.  I had so many great conversations.  Funny conversations.  And there were many shenanigans, too.  I saw old friends and met so many new friends.  Seriously, I don’t think anyone could have been more friendly.  So, I have to give a shout out to the nice folks in Toledo.  You all rock. Thank you for welcoming me to your city.  I”ll be back for more shenanigans, for sure.

It was a good show, sale-wise.  But it was even more fun to talk to everyone about my products. I also had a lovely assistant, Ms. Rene.  She covered the booth for me when I needed a break.  And did all of my bidding.  And kept me in stitches all night.

  • Most popular items: Focalize Orange Peppermint spray, Dream Pillows and the new Lavender Chill Spray
  • Most men liked: Focalize Orange Peppermint Spray
  • Most women liked: Magicalm Sage Spray
  • Most popular topic of conversation: Bosoms/Bewbs/Busts/Corsets (that’s one topic, right?)
  • Most accomplished performers: Mary Duncan the hoop dancer & the delicious & sinous Charles Miller, pole dancer
  • Favorite costumes: the bordello bar-maid with authentic hair-do, the kilted gentleman, the ring master and the cowboy and madonna.

I really love the great folks in Toledo and am looking forward to next year!