Home or Business Cleanse – Essential


An at home or at work blessing to cleanse the space and reset energy.  This can be a new home, apartment or business or an existing space. Essential Cleanse is a base package, Intense Cleanse available at additional cost.


An at home or at work visit to bless, cleanse and reset the energy in your space.  I bring positive energy into your space with a cleansing/energizing ritual using music, burning candles and aromatics, chanting, movement and prayer. This blessing can be done in a new home or apartment or for a new business.  The blessing can also be used in an existing space to cleanse and reset the current energies.

This cleanse lasts approximately 45 minutes, not including travel time or set up.  Included in this package is mileage to and from your home or business (up to 20 miles round trip)