Thankful. Grateful.

Thankful.  Grateful.

I’m thankful today for so many things.  I’m thankful for the time and space to do what I love.  I’m thankful for family that I love and their undying support.  I’m so thankful for friends new and old.  I’m thankful for a cozy dream home full of love, laughter, creativity and care.  I’m thankful for […]

Dirty: Bordello d’Bard

  Truly Mckee was a vendor at a unique and exciting new event in Toledo this weekend.  It was a combination art show, poetry reading, burlesque and erotic dance show.  What a fantastic combo.  You could also have a private poetry reading from one of the poets.  How awesome is that?  The idea was for […]


I have samples I have inventory I have recipes to refine I have exactly one million ideas I have reiki things to do I have logo, identity and web stuff to do I have a LLC and a frickin’ bank account I have customers, yes, customers I have amazing things that have happened I have […]