The Faerie Circuit Begins in 3….2….1….

Photo Apr 14, 3 07 37 PM

photo by Steve Schultz 

Here come the frisky, frothy faeries.  We’re staring down the most important holiday of the year.  May First.  May Day.  Beltane.

Yep!  It’s when the Fae love to play the most.  And it’s when the Faerie Circuit is bursting with festivals and frolic.

Photo Apr 14, 3 10 55 PM

I’ll be at Spoutwood Farm for their 25th Anniversary Faerie Festival, which is April 29- May 1st.  It’s the mother of all Faerie Festivals.  It will be my first time attending.  I always knew I’d finally go, and it makes sense that I have a “role” when I get there.   I’ll be running with the Magpies as the official apothecary and also volunteering for the festival.  You know me, I like to be busy.

azog onca wedji banana

photo by George Skepton

Then in mid-May I’ll be at the Baltimore Faerie Faire vending my wares as Truly McKee. It’s where you find the Fae in the city.  The Fae are everywhere if you’ll look carefully.  I’m excited to return to this event; I had a fabulous time last year.

Photo Apr 14, 3 10 37 PM

photo by Steve Schultz 

June has the king daddy Summer faerie weekend full of magick, magick and more magick. I love the spirit and the feel of this land, the faeries, trolls, goblins, elves and other fine creatures who attend.  I’ve been multiple times and love it.  New York Faerie Festival is the Fae music, magick, frolicking, shopping, fire spinning, dancing, hooping event you should not miss.  I’ll be back again with the Magpie Court, you’ll see me handing out Truly McKee shinies, treats and potions.

After this Spring and early Summer I will need a long, refreshing nap.  See you in The Realm!