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Spirit and Bone

Apr 25, 2016 | No Comments
Spirit and Bone

…or Post Summer Solstice 2015 I contacted Heidi via email and said I was interested in a Spirit and Bone photography session with her.  We talked about possible dates and finally settled on the last weekend of June.  This weekend was also the weekend of The New York Faerie Festival.  The Festival was amazing but […]

The Faerie Circuit Begins in 3….2….1….

Apr 19, 2016 | No Comments
The Faerie Circuit Begins in 3….2….1….

photo by Steve Schultz  Here come the frisky, frothy faeries.  We’re staring down the most important holiday of the year.  May First.  May Day.  Beltane. Yep!  It’s when the Fae love to play the most.  And it’s when the Faerie Circuit is bursting with festivals and frolic. I’ll be at Spoutwood Farm for their 25th […]

Thankful. Grateful.

Nov 26, 2015 | No Comments
Thankful.  Grateful.

I’m thankful today for so many things.  I’m thankful for the time and space to do what I love.  I’m thankful for family that I love and their undying support.  I’m so thankful for friends new and old.  I’m thankful for a cozy dream home full of love, laughter, creativity and care.  I’m thankful for […]